About Us

Comercial Kemagro S.A. is a new company incorporated in April 2015 with the purpose of continuing the commercial activity developed by our previous company Semillas Kemagro S.A. since year 2000 until 2013, year in which it was decided to end its commercial activity.

The company was formed as result of the strategic alliance agreed between AGRO NEBAI’s shareholders and the former commercial team headed by Mr. Sebastian Eyzaguirre and the direct assistance of Economist Miss. Renate Randecker and the field assistance provided by the Agronomic Eng. Mr. Jose Luis Vera.

This team has over forty years of experience in international trade, with strong relationships in the Far and Near East, Europe and the Americas.

Agronebai is also a new company established in the department of San Pedro, incorporated in order to institutionalize the long commercial activity of Eng. Fernando García, main shareholder and by far the largest “middleman” of sesame, chia and other small grains produced by small and middle farmers.

In Comercial Kemagro both leading groups consolidate their respective experience: the international trade knowledge and relationships of the commercial team plus the field experience and power of Agronebai based on over 30 years of trade with the small and middle farmers, providing them with finance, soil preparation, seed and agrochemicals, services that allow the company to purchase large volumes of products on time and at competitive prices.